Monday, July 21, 2014

RECORD REVIEW: Distant Trains / Squeegeed Clean “Buzzed & Howled Under Influence Of Food Poisoning/Not the normal pigs, but the zombie pigs from down below” (Centipede Farm)

            This is a fun split between two great artists and while I have heard Distant Trains previously on a split with I Like You Go Home, this is now introducing me to Squeegeed Clean.    Here is a fun little story for you though before we get into this review.   Something like three or four times out of ten when I email someone about their music they ask me how I heard about them.   Now, Squeegeed Clean is going to be some kind of six degrees thing for sure.

            I first emailed Underwater Escape From The Black Hole out of the blue, though there was a split with Soma.   This helped me find BBJr., but it also brought up the UWEFTBH split with I Like You Go Home.  ILYGH goes to their split on Centipede Farm with Distant Trains, and then Distant Trains goes to this.   So, somehow, magically, this can all be linked back to UWEFTBH ultimately, though had I never blindly emailed him I probably still would have found this release somehow or other.

            The record begins with Distant Trains and an audio clip over background beats which is some sort of instructional guide on how to properly present a slideshow, I believe.  There are also some crazy 8bit electro loops with a definitive rhythm to them on the second song, which also brings out what sounds like a trumpet and somehow becomes somewhat salsa-esque.  (The Latino music genre, not the food)   By the end of the Distant Trains installment, we have slowed down a bit with static bombs and a slight ringing.

            Squeegeed Clean brings forth a sound which reminds me most of listening to Stephanie Lak.  There are the horns of improv jazz and a drum kit in the back of it all for sure, but then there are also some other noises coming out that I can only trace back to barnyard animals.  At first there is the croaking of a frog, but later on such noises do come out as ducks quacking and, yes, even cows mooing.   I’m hesitant to call this “farm noise” or “animal noise”, but I’m sure someone already has.  

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