Monday, July 21, 2014

CD REVIEW: Breakdancing Ronald Reagan + Pregnant Spore "Are Rock-Hard and Bodacious" (Rainbow Bridge)

                Breakdancing Ronald Reagan was one of the first artists I found (Probably through Bandcamp) back before I even really knew what noise was and I just liked them because of their name more than for their musical style which I admittedly hadn’t really heard.    Since I seemingly came through the right channels to be taught noise properly I have a genuine appreciation for it that helped me to like BDRR even more once I actually heard their music.   (That is in many ways due to Static Reason, Opacities and Dive Signals, so thank you to all of them)

                Pregnant Spore is a project of Justin Marc Lloyd, whom I fell in love with via a cassette that I will hopefully have the review posted for before this CD review goes up.  (Yeah, sometimes I get ahead of myself and like to go out of order)

                So what happens when these two harsh noises artists come together?  The skies open up.   The flood stops.  And all that is wrong with the world seems to have vanished. 

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