Monday, July 21, 2014

CD REVIEW: KNARK ESION “disturbed communication” (attenuation circuit)

            This begins with synth that reminds me of Stabbing Westward.   It is one track that is about twenty five minutes in length, so I’m just going to write out the play by play.   There is creaking and then spoken words become repeated.  It’s a blitz of static; a windstorm.    Then gentle tings.

            The helicopter builds.   Sharp feedback presents itself as if an intro to a Nirvana song.  Godzilla-like strings and explosions come out next.  The city is in danger.   The city is frightened.   Beats come up next and make me think of The White Stripes for some reason. 

            The beats become militant, and industrial even ala Nine Inch Nails.   Near the fifteen minute mark, it all begins to fall apart. 

            Then, an old western piano mixed with 8bit.  It makes me think about games for Atari or Nintendo that were set in the old west and my mind comes up blank.  

            Lots of sharp feedback takes us home.  

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