Friday, July 25, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Tanner Garza & Crowhurst “The Darkest Point of the Sun”

                So I missed this one on cassette, but apparently two of my favorite artists joined forces to become the super artist.     It’s not so much harsh noise, as I’d expect from Crowhurst for some reason, but mostly just static drone.   It begins with dark and bubbling static friction.   There are waves and then that drudging boiler room drone that reminds me of a cello.

                That boiler room sort of feel stays throughout these four tracks, even when there are some synth strings present and it can become rather harmonious.    The third track also does possess somewhat of a sad and empty feeling, but that goes back to my idea that perhaps this is best experienced as the soundtrack to someone locked in a basement somewhere.  

                There is also just this engrossing feeling to this as if not only did you perhaps trap someone inside a basement, but you are learning that you are also a prisoner yourself.  

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