Friday, July 11, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Refund “Everybody is Dead” (Junk Mnemonic)

            For all of the places out there that are producing quality cassettes outside of the United States and thus they seem to be the hardest to obtain because of shipping costs, Australia really seems to be a hotbed right now.   Someone should work with them in the U.S. to bring these amazing releases here in a more affordable manner.

            Refund begins with some ambient noise, but then it starts to sound like static whirrs, as if you’re walking around a room with ghosts.   Sharp feedback with beeps come out next like a possessed modem.    Lasers, or perhaps lightsabers, make an appearance and they begin shooting.    Beats then take us into the grand finale- a flurry of lasers such as the end of a fireworks display.

            Though the beginning might have suggested that there were some ghosts and maybe someone was alive, by the end of it you truly do get the feeling that everybody is dead.  

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