Friday, July 11, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Loner Chic "Pretty Void EP"

            First and foremost, it is obvious that the Replacements come out in this EP because as I received an email about the release of “Pretty Void” by Loner Chic (because they contain Chris Cappello, I downloaded some of his music on Bandcamp and hence am on his mailing list—no press thing here at all) and it named them specifically, but there are some other great sounds coming out in an underlying punk vibe.

            One of my all-time favorite bands that seemed to burn out too quickly can be heard in these songs, and that would of course be Cadillac Blindside.   There is a little bit of Weezer on the second song and then there is also elements in here of Grover Dill, though people might not either get that reference because it is too obscure or if they just aren’t from Connecticut.

            It slows down on “Christie”, which brings to mind Bayside and their acoustic numbers, and lyrics like “I wanna steal my daddy’s car keys” hint at the Violent Femmes (Come on, Dad, give me the car keys.  I’ve got this girl I wanna…), but this is just some good old fashioned song writing mixed with all of at least my favorite bands.    If this ever leads to a full length album, I will be eagerly anticipating it for sure.  

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