Thursday, July 10, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Radiator Hospital “Torch Song”

            It really seems like only yesterday (or at least last month) that the Radiator Hospital split cassette came out, but I know that it was released a while before I got around to reviewing it.    Still, I won’t cry too soon on these songs because I’ll take Radiator Hospital all day long.

            So, this isn’t quite twee, but there are hints of it in here.  It also brings out a lot of that rock band who has hints of pop punk, which covers anywhere from Ultimate Facebook, Supergrass, Casper & the Cookies to Weezer.   There is a Piebald twist to some of these songs as well, but perhaps the biggest influence I can hear coming out are the Smoking Popes,

            With that, I obviously hear some Bayside as well, and as we near the end of the album the male and female vocals combine to remind me of The Forecast, so I’ll throw that name out there as well.  (There is an earlier song when the female vocals take the lead, but otherwise it’s mostly all male vocals)

            Some songs are shorter than others, but it’s rock n roll with a bit of punk and there are many lyrics, none of which are really stupid, so this is a solid rock album.  

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