Thursday, July 10, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Derek Rogers “Prevais” (Signal Dreams)

            I’ve experienced Derek Rogers on cassette twice now, so it should come as no surprise that this is available as a compact disc and the start of it comes out like a record player stuck on a loop in the back of some synth tones.   This cycle is of course broken by triumphant ambient sounds, which leads into chimes of some kind.

            After some nice stadium synth we get back to the ambience and with that comes a little bit of that Stabbing Westward synth vibe.    There are harmonies, and they’re like a harmonica yet somehow are not.   By the sixth track we open up with a boom and the Mad Max-like devastation begins.  Though are quieter background mechanics, and despite my earlier claim of this having that record player sound I still want to experience this on cassette.

            As we reach “Input Pulse”, we get into a minimal quietness, with just small beeps, like they’re coming from one of those life machines they put next to a hospital bed.   Though the last song brings out an almost 8bit of Masters of the Universe keyboard sound, this still manages to be both relaxing and minimal throughout, which just makes it that much more excellent.  

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