Thursday, July 10, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Marta De Pascalis “QUITRATUE”

            When you first listen to “QUITRATUE”, you might not hear anything.   It is minimal and it can even be drone based on the lack of anything happening.   But there are little facets constantly running the background, whether you choose to hear them or not, and the particularness of vinyl should certainly help to bring them out.

            These songs are desert ambient, in the sense that it is the soundtrack to what you might hear if you were in a desert with no one else and nothing else around for miles and miles.  It does build to some louder static, and then wind space, which is a nice gradual incline that doesn’t come on too strong nor defeat the original purpose.

            Some cymbals and tones come out on a loop and it really does pick up the pace by the end, but this is just such a long stretch of quiet and I love it.  I would put this on right before I wanted to wake up and have it help me ease from the transition of rest into being aware.   It is not only that good, but seemingly also that vital.  

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