Monday, July 7, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Pedestrian Deposit “Eleventh Hour”

            The fact that this is two tracks and each of the tracks is just under the fifteen minute mark makes me believe that it was once a thirty minute cassette, but nothing on the Bandcamp page leads me to believe that and I don’t really feel like snooping around Discogs right now.  (Okay, so a quick search on Discogs shows that this was in fact released on cassette by Pedestrian Deposit themselves)

            So what would be Side A opens with drone with abbreviated crackling loops.  It has a ukulele perhaps, and just some other forms of classical type strings coming through.   There is some radio static and it reminds me of somewhere between “A Small World” (You know, the Disney one) and the horror movie franchise of “Saw”.    It is building and orchestral, like a surging storm and I love it just based on this part.

            The second track has heavy wind static drone open us up, then we get some ambient tones.  This gives into crashing booms and it seems robotic before the pretty strings come back and there is another sound almost like horse feet clopping. 

            Within these storms and other beauties, I do feel as if there is a story being told.  I want nothing more than to put this into my tape player, put my earbuds in and have it take me wherever it should so choose.  

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