Monday, July 7, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Magnetic Foragers “Sono”

            This cassette takes a little while to kick in, which normally wouldn’t have worried me but the package it was shipped in says “Magnetic Tape – Do Not X-Ray” and that was my first time ever seeing that.   So the thoughts of the music being somehow erased from this cassette were planted in my head, but then quickly disappeared once the music did begin. 

            Side A is filled with recorded songs while Side B is an experiment in live music.   To start with Side A, there are electronic harmonies that become sharp feedback.   It’s somewhere between ambient and “In Utero”.   It is poetic.   It is industrial synth crunch.   There are organs.   And by the end, there are even some pretty acoustic guitar parts.  

            Despite the separate songs, I can still hear Side A as one cohesive piece of music, which to me represents beauty amidst chaos.   It’s taking that fundamental idea of making something so fucked up that you hope people won’t enjoy it much less want to listen to it through, yet adding something so elegant that they cannot turn it off.  

            Side B sounds mostly like piano loops, though there might not be any pianos involved, but it is also live and that is always something I’ve been impressed by: the idea that music should be one take and only played once, in that sense.   I mean, Van Gogh didn’t paint the same painting over and over now did he?

            In many ways, these two sides are different, yet the first side is a group of songs that sort of contradicts itself anyway, so who is to say what is different and what is the same.   This reminds me a lot of a picture of someone looking at themselves in a mirror, and that creates the sort of infinite number of universes with that same person and mirror.  

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