Monday, July 7, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Holzkopf “Trespassing” (attenuation circuit)

[Please Note: The only links I can find for this release are for the CD-R, so please contact the label for further info on the cassette release.] 

            Holzkopf’s “Trespassing” becomes electronic at its core, almost 8bit on some levels, but it still manages to take you for a ride throughout the time you listen to it, as tracks included are remixed and live improvisations. 

            There is this dark sort of electro drone first off, which gives way to beats and eventually just turns into loops that I will continue to compare with Prodigy for lack of another reference point.   This, in and of itself, makes for a sound- a genre- all its own, yet it continues to expand as vast as the universe as the songs go on.

            Computer sounds come in, and it puzzles me because we don’t hear them used this way often.   They are what that Gameboy sound is to 8bit, only with more of computer noises which could be seapunk but it really isn’t so I have no clue as to what to call it, but that’s what it’s the birth of anyway. 

            Some pretty crazy percussion mixed with chaotic noise rounds out the genre-defying sounds on this cassette.   I’ve always felt like seapunk has held a place in my heart because of my computer hacker tendencies, and while this isn’t seapunk in the strict sense it does evoke similar feelings.  

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