Monday, July 7, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Le Scrambled Debutante “The White Wormwood Wormhole Album" (attenuation circuit)

            When the first thing that you hear on a cassette are vocals that are high pitched yet not really sped up and the first thing that you think of are the Minions talking, you have to wonder if you watch too many kids movies.   Later on, I can also hear these sort of electronic tones which make me think of something out of Wall-E, and I’m pretty sure the fact that I have a two year old is showing.

            Although an interesting fact is that I watched both “Wall-E” and “Despicable Me” before ever having a child, but the fact that I do have one is probably partially why I’ve seen the movies so many times and they are right there in the front of my mind.

            This is my second time being exposed to Le Scrambled Debutante, and it’s just as good as the first if not a continuation of it on some level.  It continues to hold the pattern of electronic ambient sounds with static, sharp feedback, sampling and just the overall qualities of being on a submarine.

            I’ve not looked too closely into the history of Le Scrambled Debutante and only know from looking them up via Attenuation Circuit that they have one cassette other than the two I’ve reviewed (This being the second), but I’m about to find out everything I can about them and listen to it all because they are one of the greatest things these ears has ever heard.  

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