Friday, July 25, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Manicorn / BiPolar Bear / Night Control / Pedestrian Deposit / Nice Face “All Together Now OST”

                This is the soundtrack to a movie which is about a group of people going into the woods for a noise concert.   No, I am not making that up, but yes I do want to see that movie and it isn’t on Netflix so if anyone can point me where to see it for free or a cheap place to buy it…

                There are audio clips throughout this and I assume they are from the movie.   Pedestrian Deposit is one of the only actual sort of noise artists on here.   Manicorn rocks as usual, and this is probably what got me into them.     BiPolar Bear has an indie rock/punk vibe that I kind of dig on their single song.    Nice Face is somewhere between Andrew WK and Ramones and that’s all right by me.  Night Control like frogs.  

                Really, if you haven’t heard any of these bands before or even not all of them, then this is worth checking out since it won’t cost you any money.   Now bring on the movie someone please.  

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