Friday, July 25, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Top Banana “#01 – The Shape Of Light Crash”

                Top Banana are a duo that have been releasing music on cassettes since at least this one, which came out back in January of 2014.   The thing about them though is that the cassettes all seem to be limited to one, so trying to get them is rather tough and for what it’s worth I’d like to have them all so at this point getting some random numbered one in the future doesn’t do a whole lot for me.   So I just sit back and hope for an eventual box set one day, while listening to these releases via digital format. 

                This particular release, which is the first of what right now they have six posted up to their Bandcamp, begins with electro blips and then transfers to clean 8bit tones.    Hints of Mario jumping come out before counter-tones of bass.    There are sand shakers and drum machine thumps that make me want to call this “polished video game”, but that is a whole concept in and of itself I’d say.

                Drone guitars, transmission lasers and the entire vibe of Casiocore puts this on a seemingly endless loop with some intergalactic whooshing and even at times a dial tone that is sharp enough to hurt your ears.     These are primarily electronic noises mixed in various ways but the overall presentation of them is just fantastic.  

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