Friday, July 25, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Stephanie Lak “Free School”

                For those who were unaware, Stephanie Lak has become somewhat of a hero by setting up the very thing this title says- a free school for children to participate in art programs.   It is quite an ingenious idea but isn’t really the focus of this piece of music I’d say, though this really doesn’t sound like Pink Floyd or Nirvana either as they have both had songs that touched upon the subject of education. 

                With drum machine beats, strings, synth and feedback drone Stephanie Lak provides a steadily paced concerto with machine gun blasts that are sure to make even the most jaded of listeners think about and wonder why there are so many school shootings these days.   When I was kid, I always dreaded “Field Day” and sometimes we got particular substitute teachers we didn’t like, but I never had to worry about wearing a bullet proof vest.   What is wrong with kids, man?

                The track concludes with applause and that is the only way for me to tell that this was performed in front of other people as opposed to being a home recording or in a studio or whatever.     That just goes to show you that sometimes recording shouldn’t really be all that complicated, should it?   This is kind of like a free lesson in music in that sense and you can thank Ms. Lak later.  

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