Thursday, July 24, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: After the Delay “cat#1”

                To say that this release by After the Delay has left me confused would be an understatement.   At its free download setting, you get a single track that isn’t too long or too short (seven minutes, twenty five seconds) and it has some reverb to it and most sounds guitar drone that is anticipating the arrival of an underwater villain.    Drums thunder down at the end and the overall song isn’t bad as far as a single track goes, especially for a free download, but then there is something that you can buy.

                The physical side of this isn’t too specific and only really says that it is 4 x 4-track cassettes, which is confusing given only the one song available to download and no other songs given any mention, but the asking price is also 666 EUR.    As I clicked on the “Buy Now” link to let Bandcamp handle the conversion rate for me, I found that is a whopping $896.44 in USD.

                Let’s let that number sink in for a moment, shall we?  I don’t care if there are four cassettes or even four times four cassettes (sixteen cassettes in total then).    For nearly nine hundred dollars, I’d better be getting something, much more worth it.   Let’s try maybe, I don’t know, 500 cassettes? 

                But hey, at least there is free shipping.

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