Friday, July 25, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: LOST TRAIL “Without Streetlights” (Rano Records)

                Lost Trail always have a way of living up to their name as, at the very least, I tend to feel like I’ve wandered into the woods and can’t find my way back out when listening to them.    This is foggy music with some static that has a definite sense of ambience to it.   It then turns into some heavy distortion before going back to the quiet within static.

                There is an audio clip about people disappearing and then some kind of garbled speak before guitar tones.     The audio clip, which says things like “Where do they go?” and “What happens?” reminds me in a lot of ways of how Walmart always seems to have those missing children signs up.   On one hand, I feel very badly for those kids, but at the same time I feel like perhaps Walmart is luring those kids into a backroom somewhere with toys or candy or whatever (It’s really easy to get lost inside a Walmart) and then posting those pictures as sort of trophies.

                Regardless, I suggest you put this cassette on and either go for a drive or a walk and don’t really pay attention to where you’re going (Though do stay safe, yeah?)  and just see where it takes you.   Do you end up some place familiar or do you get lost?   Do you pick up a hitchhiker without knowing it and then wonder, “Hey, who are you and where’d you come from?” or do you not really live?  The choice is yours.  

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