Tuesday, July 22, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Can’t Kids “Ennui Go” (Space Idea Tapes)

                As many times as I’ve listened to this cassette by Can’t Kids, I just cannot seem to find an appropriate reference point as to what it sounds like exactly, but I guess we can just chalk that one up to originality.    It’s something along the lines of a radio band, like fun. but there are also pop folk hints and other factors going on here.

                The vocals are dual most of the time, with male and female, and that might get some Of Monsters and Men comparisons but I would call that lazy journalism.   There are some hints of The Get Up Kids “Walking On A Wire”, but then it also gets a bit faster, in a screamy punk way.   This brings out some random fast drums and it can even be closer to something like Be Your Own Pet.

                From Mumford and Sons to Piebald, this really has a wide range of influences but they all blend well together.   Add into that the lyrics and you’ve got something fun to listen to for sure.   I’m not the biggest fan of the line: “How many licks did the wise owl take?”, as that’s more about candy than anything else, but there is some gold in “You’re driving us crazy and it’s us that bought the car”.

                There are also some references to Bible characters on Side B, which is always interesting to hear, and then mentions of the White Rabbit, going down the rabbithole, etc. for Alice in Wonderland.   The line “So late for what?  So late for what? Why can’t I be on time for once” sums that all up nicely, but it’s not something I can relate to because I always try to be on time and usually end up being really early. 

                “Ennui Go” is catchy at all the right times, while still being non-traditional and the lyrics have a great storytelling aspect to them.  What more could you ask for as a listener?

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