Tuesday, July 22, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Flashlight O “The Truman Sho”

                “The Truman Sho” begins with a harmony of strings and beats, which make me think of several bands but mainly as a nice introduction to what is about to follow.   Acoustic guitars run wild as this becomes a singer/songwriter mixed with full band vibe that I can’t quite place to anyone else specifically but can hear some slight influences of at least.

                The first idea that came to my mind was that of They Might Be Giants, but really, that is a band with too much source material that I feel you could quote them almost everywhere these days and be right, so how do you know if it sounds like “Song A” from ten years ago or “Song B” from their latest release, or something in between all of that?

                There are hints of Piebald in here, though it can tend to be country in its roots somehow as well.   But that isn’t to say in any way that this resembles a country version of Piebald.   It also can take a turn for the electric side, such as electro pop rock, which really channels The Stereo and maybe some other bands I’ve never heard of before.

                Flashlight O is a new take on an old formula that can bring to mind some of your favorites without borrowing too closely to any of their styles.   This must be heard. 

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