Tuesday, July 22, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Pestorgel “Pestorgel” (recordsofthefleshgod)

                What begins with a hollow sound, quickly finds itself bringing out some sharp feedback.   It’s noisy and it is in this way that it also can tend to hurt your ears.  Is there a genre or cool tag for that name yet?   If not, I propose we refer to it as “bleeding ears” because that sounds neat.

                There are a number of sounds going on during the course of Side A, yet for some reason all I can think about is that someone was buried alive and a tape recorded was thrown into the coffin with them as they try to escape their grave.    It does end with clanking and rattling though, which reminds me more of aluminum cans and the homeless people who push them around in shopping carts. 

                Side B opens with some dripping noises and I’ve begun to think that we’re out of our grave but into the sewer, so I’m not certain which is worse.   Pieces of this music sound as if they could be in the instrumental portions of  Nirvana’s “Something in the Way”, and that’s about as close as I can get to comparing this to anything else. 

                After some loud modem static, this cassette is left open to your imagination, and while it might seemingly knock you down some hole you don’t want to find yourself in, it is up to you to try your best to get on out of it. 

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