Tuesday, July 22, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Black Givre “Explosion Therapy”

                When I first heard Black Givre back on a split, I was left impressed enough for me to be excited for this release.     I had downloaded the previous release I reviewed (Which as I look at Blogger now, it appears as if I never actually reviewed it and only listened to the Black Givre/ Charles Barabe split), so I was also rather excited just because I’d be hearing this on cassette and it did not disappoint. 

                The first thing I noticed about this music is the pace at which it moves.    There is a constant drum beat, which often times sounds as if it is being made by a full drum kit although it would seem otherwise it would be a drum machine for any other artist, and this just keeps the entire cassette moving like a shark.

                Mixed with these continual beats are the sounds of electro whirrs which become somewhere between 8bit and perhaps my old fall back reference of The Prodigy because I just don’t know any better.     Within the hum and the buzz, we also experience a bit of synth coming out along the lines of Britney Spears’ “Toxic”, which I absolutely love and use only as a general, pop sort of reference.

                As this is titled “Explosion Therapy”, the music truly does explode out of my stereo speakers, while at the same time it is also therapeutic.    Granted, all music can be therapy on some level for the listener, but this just seems to add that little something extra to help get you through your day. 

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