Monday, July 21, 2014

CD REVIEW: Dhampyr “White Fire Laudanum” (Prison Tatt Records)

                This is my second time listening to Dhampyr, though this time around it is on compact disc as opposed to cassette.   “White Fire Laudanum” is a few years old now, but time has never been an issue with me because as we all know good music is timeless. 

                The general tone on this is heavy melodic, though it’s somewhat odd to think of that when you must also face the fact that this has a certain haunting quality to it still, amidst the drum bangs and sometimes Cobra Commander sounding vocals.   There are some pretty metal riffs and screams, up until about the fourth track.

                Yes, on the fourth track we enter this world of quiet ambient fog.  It sounds like almost nothing.  I was listening to this one time and my wife was here.  When the fourth track ended and the fifth kicked back in with that Dhampyr fury, it kind of caught her off guard and she jumped.  I like that surprise feel about this, though the fact that this is loud shouldn’t surprise anyone.

                The quietness does return at the end, but the overall vibe to this CD is that it simply reminds me of one of my other favorite bands, mewithoutYou.    It doesn’t 100% sound like them, but at times it does remind me of some of their instrumental numbers for earlier albums. 

                Also, when I first heard mewithoutYou, the idea behind them was that they were a hardcore band, but didn’t really sound like any other band at the time (Though they have spawned numerous clones now, both good and bad)    That’s a really good way to explain Dhampyr even if it doesn’t do a whole lot of good to describe this sound overall.   I am in love though.

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