Monday, July 21, 2014

CD REVIEW: Intolerant "Snow Stained with the Blood of Traitors" (Prison Tatt Records)

                I find it kind of strange that there has yet to be a band on my radar named Intolerant.   There have been other bands with the prefix “In”, such as Integrity, but no Intolerant.  Perhaps it is because no one wants to express such a notion, that everyone should want to feel (or at least appear to be) tolerant to something.   With a name like Intolerant, you just don’t seem like you put up with anything, which in ways can be both bad and good.

                Intolerant also happens to make for an appropriate hardcore/metal/punk band name, which is also why I was surprised not having heard it used before.    As this CD starts, Intolerant brings out that growling with harshcore metal.   It reminds me of Killswitch Engage and all of the other bands that want to be them only so much better.

                This is thrashcore with the ohms of Atreyu in the background.   Back before I moved to Texas, which was in 2004, I believed this type of metal was on the outs.  Bands like Scars of Tomorrow, for example, just weren’t as prominent as they once were and it seemed like all the hardcore kids had just slowed down and opted for other forms of music. 

                To hear this now is not just remarkable because it is a solid CD, but it is in a time when such a thing is not as often as it once was.   Back in the days when Atreyu first burst up or even when Equal Vision Records had more hardcore bands, and Revelation, and labels like that were hardcore/metal and growing—Ferretstyle as well—this would fit in perfectly and be one of the top albums at the time.   But now it’s just that much more amazing because I don’t really feel as if it has a lot of contenders. 

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