Tuesday, July 15, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Wica Intina & Joseph Allred “Young Man Find the Moon” (Meliphonic Records)

                Sometimes I find it hard to differentiate between a collaboration and a split, but so long as artists keep using the ampersand, as Wica Intina and Joseph Allred did, then I think it should be easy enough for me to keep up.   This is a collaboration of both artists working together rather than a split.

                It begins with the sound of front porch acoustics, as if that doesn’t remind you enough of a sunny summer day, the next sound I hear is that of cartoon birds.   It doesn’t have an overall cartoon vibe though, and reminds me more of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” in the sense that it would be live action mixed with cartoons.   So imagine real people sitting on a porch, cartoon birds fluttering around them.

                Next it gets a little scratchy and then the piano and eventually banjo sounds kick in before Side A ends.   If this just doesn’t paint the picture of a jug band I don’t know what does.  Though I’m fairly certain there is no point on here that anyone is blowing into a jug to create noise, it wouldn’t surprise me if there was and I just feel overall this first half has that sort of vibe without sounding full on bluegrass or roots or what have you.

                Side B is quite different, which almost makes this feel like a split, as there is a certain amount of ambience in it all still, sure, but there are also much quieter tones.    Scattered, little noises fill the air as this sometimes can sound as if it is nothing at all.   It is in this way that it could be described as minimal as well.

                With the title of “Young Man Find the Moon” all I can picture is a simple, country boy dreaming one day of being an astronaut (Side A) and then eventually finding a home in space (Side B), which is a good story to tell and an even better experience when you press play on this cassette. 

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