Tuesday, July 15, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Sink Tapes “How You Mean”

            Whenever I see the title of this cassette I can only think that it is using the word “mean” in a way that is negative, like a jerk, and so it’s supposed to say “How You Are Mean”, and then it’s going to be a collection of complaints and pet peeves.   On the contrary though, this is something closer to that pop type indie type clean rock sound of Spitalfield.   It’s Superdrag or Supergrass or just plain super.

            The songs can be somewhat short and to the point, with a tinny indie rock vibe and vocals comparable to Billie Joe Armstrong.   On the third song in particular I can hear a bit of the melodies of a slower Local H number come out, like maybe an acoustic Local H song from their “As Good As Dead” album. 

            “How You Mean” also does get acoustic in its own right, channeling EFS of course, and then by the end we bring out something between The Hold Steady and Coyote Shivers.   Really, this is just a nice slice of Americana rock n roll, though not so much in the Neil Young sense but closer to John Mellencamp but with some sort of punk rock roots built in.  

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