Tuesday, July 15, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Space Program / Latex Lynx split

                Not often do you find an artist with a fitting name, though it probably just happens more than I remember, but Space Program proves that the name is appropriate as most of the music heard on this split can sound as if it comes from space.

                There is distorted synth that somewhat resembles Star Wars and it can sound like the intro to Stone Temple Pilots version of “Vaseline”.   It is minimal with church bell sounds somehow and then there is some weird audio clip that might be the result of a voice mail.    Hints of a rainstorm give way to tones from an old drama before the synth bubbles like a Land of the Lost effect.   This all ends with rising tones from xylophones that bring to mind fizzy lifting drinks, yet it bears repeating that this is all set in space. 

                Latex Lynx doesn’t really live up to their name, though I’m not sure how a lynx (which is an animal) made out of latex (which is like plastic) would sound, so that might not be such a bad thing.  From ambient dark strings to distorted haunts, this is best listened to with earbuds in during the witching hour.   There is the strumming of a guitar such as one would do before kicking into their live set, so thus I have “Hello Cleveland” stuck in my head.   From boiling water to radio station static, this is best perhaps known as kilowatt rock with the hum of a florescent light bulb and piano keys of “Mad World”.

                In some ways, Space Program and Latex Lynx are different, yet at times they sound quite similar.  It’d almost be fair to say that they tried to create the same illusion here, only Space Program set out to do so in space where as Latex Lynx set out to do it in time. 

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