Tuesday, July 15, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Auburn Lull “Hiber” (Geographic North)

                “Hiber”, which I feel is short for hibernation, begins with an ambient pop sound that somehow channels Rusted Root, but don’t ask me how exactly because after this opening all thoughts of that band quickly go away.    There is this quality of bop bop bop bop and then bum bum in the sounds that comes out on repeat before eventually transcending into wave patterns.

                There are harmonies and ambient tones and the overall feel of Side A is just spiritual somehow.   The pace settles down and really seems to find its groove as it becomes peaceful more than anything else.   While there is a definite hint of FNL, this side mostly just sounds relaxing to me, like what I imagine it would be like to spend the day at a spa.

                Side B comes in with a synth tone hum that I like to think of as apocalypse drone.   Go ahead, someone use an old “Apocalypse Now” poster and change it to say “Apocalypse Drone”.    The hints of FNL come back, but often times I find myself wanting to sing, in my best Blue October voice, “Congratulations.  Is this seat taken?” 

                By the end of “Hiber”, there are some Atari era “Return of the Jedi” type drone synth, but it might just even be lightsabers for all I know.   In any event, it does bring back the in and out waves that were present back on Side A and the whole thing just seems to come full circle, though I highly doubt that I could sleep through it.

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