Tuesday, July 15, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: High Marks “Rare Distance” (Grovl Tapes)

                This cassette is a total of six songs, with three songs per side.   The first begins with synth beats and a drum machine, which when combined leads me to believe that at any minute we are about to kick into “Tainted Love”.   It is a sort of synth pop prog rock. 

                The second song has more of an Atari sound to start before going into something with vocals ala The Church era Illegal Wiretaps.   The third song, however, does slow down a bit and ends up sounding like a trippy drum machine beats version of The Doors.

                Side B begins with a definite sound of Phil Collins or at least Genesis on the whole, as it has those powerful “I can feel it coming in the air tonight” type of percussion sounds.    This turns into some synth dance beats on the next song, which brings out a certain level of Depeche Mode.

                The last song is perhaps the most interesting as it combines the Miami Sound Machine with something darker, and though I don’t mean it in a bad way I can hear some background notes of the Linkin Park song “Crawling”.   And that’s really the best way to describe High Marks on the whole—a modern twist on a classic taste of synth pop rock.   (Though I just wish I could find a better modern focal point than Linkin Park)

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