Wednesday, July 16, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Sheriff Ramb “Salon Pus”

            Having a name such as Sheriff Ramb implies that this character is a sheriff of something, thus I’m instantly thinking this might produce some sort of country western music mix, but alas it does not.   For the most part, Sheriff Ramb combines electronic looping with 8bit sounds that creates an overall feel of something dreamy.
            Side A begins with electro beep loops and audio clips.  There are also some 8bit portions coming out just a little bit, before it takes a turn for the slower and becomes much more ambient.   There is a scattered, frantic sort of 8bit mess nearing the end of Side A before things become schitzo and some clear Mario parts come out.

            On the flip side, there are static slips and it begins to sound intergalactic.  There are beeps for sure and it sounds as if someone is getting the video game high score.  In other ways, it sounds like digital pinball, which is a lot of fun.   There is an audio clip and then space synth turns into something out of the Master of the Universe movie.   Aside from the ins and outs of an organ or possibly accordion, this just has the overall vibe of a magical flute.

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