Wednesday, July 16, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Curtains “Breathe to Death” (Potluck Foundation)

            “Breathe to Death” is eight songs from Curtains and each side of this cassette gets an even four songs.   Though it might begin with a melodic harmonica then turn into sort of drone, the second song brings out a little bit more of The Verve and before Side A ends we can hear a little bit of Jack Johnson as well.

            On the other side, we get this dreamy ambient sound with drumbeats that’s somewhere between the musical offerings of 311 and Blue October.   It is also somewhat acoustic in nature, which just probably adds to the general confusion of what I’m trying to convey here exactly. 

            It then takes a turn towards some sort of weird, electronic rock, yet remains acoustic somehow, and it might even border on new wave.   Sounds come out like a pretty version of Filter and as it flows through Side B it tends to be more instrumental than with vocals.

            If this has made any sense to you at all, I’m sure you’re thinking you’ll enjoy this cassette and rightfully so.   However, if I seem to have lost you throughout this review then just know that this is a fun piece of music that you will enjoy no matter what genre you call home.  

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