Wednesday, July 16, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Marcus Rubio ”Land of Disenfranchisement” (Already Dead Tapes)

            Upon first hearing this Marcus Rubio cassette I am taken back to my twenties and listening to The Lyndsey Diaries only this brings them out in a more full on band sort of way.   Regardless of how many instruments are being used (or voices) it does still have a rather personal touch to it.   In many ways, with The Lyndsey Diaries, you’d feel as if Scott was singing directly to you.    That is a powerful tool to help make music relatable and Marcus Rubio seems to have cracked the code on it.

            While on the surface this also could resemble a slower, mellower Owl City or even The Rocket Summer, there is something so much more going on here.  Elements of synth drone accompany strings and sometimes there is so much going on I’ll never be able to grasp it all.  

            Oh yeah, and if you think you’ve got this figured out by the end of the first song, the second song comes in with female vocals taking the lead and completely throwing me off my game.   This takes us back to the days of Rod Stewart, musically, and even EFS.   Mostly this is a multi-instrumented cassette filled with certain amounts of sadness and even dreamy qualities like Hunx.

            Marcus Rubio shares his name with a Florida state senator, but I’m pretty sure they are not one and the same.   Wouldn’t it be cool though to get some political signs and bring them to one of his live performances?   Has anyone done that yet?  If not, someone in Florida certainly needs to get on it. 

            Final Thought:  If Florida State Senator Marcus Rubio ever became President, do you think the musician would get Secret Service as well?  I hope so.  

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