Wednesday, July 16, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Gun Boy “Killer Pimp”

            With a title like “Killer Pimp”, I expected this to be more on the hip hop side of things, but in reality while it does channel hip hop at times it seems to fall under the synthwave category more than anything else.    There are sounds of Beverly Hills Cop and Miami Vice in here for sure, and I’m even hearing some new wave, which is not at all hindered by the fact that one of the songs opens with the live intro of “I want you <pause> to want me”.

            There are some lasers in here and it might even be glo-fi, but then it does come out triumphant as well like a Nas album, so it isn’t to say it is completely without the hip hop roots.   Also present are some tones that remind me of Samurai Jack for whatever reasons.

            At the end of Side A there is a part about flipping the tape over to hear more, but if you don’t want to I understand, but do robots really understand, and all of these thoughts on the creator.   It’s quite amusing. 

            Side B offers up an audio clip from Bladerunner (“My name is Blade”) before finding a song with vocals and traditional instruments that sounds like something out of the Illegal Wiretaps discography.   We end with more synth loops and just the overall feeling that though I thought was going to be closer to hip hop for whatever reasons, it is just plain rad like something you might expect to find on Chill Mega Chill. 

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