Wednesday, July 16, 2014


                To me, there are two kinds of reviews that you could give SHITSTORM, and though they could be exactly the same in terms of wording they would come across differently to the reader, and almost as opposites at that.    At the heart of the music, SHITSTORM embraces a semi-hardcore punk style that is mostly fuzz punk.    This could be taken as either a bad thing or a good thing depending upon your perspective on life.

                SHITSTORM falls somewhere on the map between Hunx, Guttermouth, label mates Grow Fangs and Dead Milkmen.   There is a song with mention of “6 6 6”, and there is a song that seems to be indirectly quoting the Ramones.    Given that knowledge and that list of comparisons, people could very easily look at that and say, “Wow, this is what everyone is doing, especially on that other label over there, Burger Records”. 

                The fact is that as close as this might be to garage, it has that hint of Guttermouth (who is one of my all-time favorite bands) and just a little something extra to elevate this from being just another clone of a clone, basically.    Even if this was released by Burger Records, it would stand out from their blatant sea of unoriginality, but I feel that it is the fact that this isn’t on that label that is a true testament to its own personality. 

                SHITSTORM is what you want every band to sound like: something familiar, yet different.   You want the influences to be there, but not so much as that a compilation ends up sounding like a single band.    All those little punk and garage bands who want to truly do something worthwhile follow in the path of SHITSTORM and you might just get there.   This is just oh-so-good. 

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