Wednesday, July 9, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: M27 HARDCORE JUNGLIST “BLAQ ACID: (force​.​placement) + (m​.​27)”

            This is close to ninety minutes of music from M27 HARDCORE JUNGLIST, and as with the previous cassette I reviewed these are a lot of beats, but what makes this particular cassette different is that it is a collaboration with Force Placement.   Okay, so maybe instead of them working together as the “+” would suggest, it is more of a split cassette with two Force Placement tracks on Side A and one from M27 on Side B. 

            Having already heard M27 before, this was no surprise to me- rocking hip hop beats a plenty that defy the very odds and genre tags put on them.   If you read my reviews in chronological order, you should already have fallen in love with M27 on a massive scale.    There are very few true artists out there creating beats like this, so you must know and respect the genuine ones when you hear them.

            Force Placement is a little bit different in the delivery.   It’s not hip hop, so much as it borders on techno.   It isn’t the annoying type of techno by any means, but I got this one cassette sampler when I was in my younger years from a label that put out music like this and this is what it reminds me of, though I don’t remember any of the bands by name.

            It’s part rave, part action movie, too dangerous for Invader Zim but closer to that than Techno Viking at least.    In ways, it reminds me of the soundtrack to “Go”, which is just awesome, and so overall, these two sides combine to put together a soundtrack to a wordless movie and I’m loving it more than anything I’ve ever seen before.  

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