Wednesday, July 9, 2014


            This particular TV People cassette (my second time experiencing them) begins with an electric guitar riff that loops.   This goes into an eventual audio clip which tells us about heroin and LSD.    There are drumbeats and then these weird vocals which could be manipulated or by a kid, I’m not sure but one thing I do know is that they are angry.

            Some distorted synth bass comes in next, as it has that sort of Prodigy quality, and then someone begins asking questions like “How did that just happen?”    There are 8bit pieces that sound like the old Atari game “Carnival” and then some country and something that sounds like Us3 is being sampled before the end,   

            One of the last things I think we hear is an audio clip- a rather lengthy one- about Indian burial grounds.   It is after this that the sounds begin to repeat.   Are they in the same order as before?   Is this really just one piece being played more than once over, or are there the same pieces just assembled differently? 

            I will leave it to you to decide, but whatever you think, this is quite pleasant on the ears and a bit more trippy than it seemingly should be.  

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