Tuesday, July 22, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: La Morte Young “S/T” (Ba Da Bing Records)

                La Morte Young begins with a bang, but finds their groove and pacing throughout the course of this cassette.   Right from the start, there is a haunting sort of metal with growling and it is explosive.   This brings to mind all of those classic hardcore bands like Darkest Hour, Every Time I Die and of course Converge. 

                It gets a little quieter, a little bit calmer as Side A moves on, and each of these songs is easily distinguishable from the next.   There is a creaking and then a creeping before we end Side A.   It also needs to be noted that Side A just has some amazingly heavy drumming and I love it so much.

                Side B kicks off more with an electric guitar drone—just letting that one note ride its course.  There are still drums, but this time around it is closer to an adventure in space.   While slower, it is also ambient and instrumental.   Perhaps the beginning bit was used merely to get your attention, but once La Morte Young gets it, they will hold it using the skills they possess on the rest of this most awesome cassette.

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