Tuesday, July 22, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Victory Shoes “Yet” (Already Dead Tapes)

                Victory Shoes is a melodic pop rock band that channels several influences throughout “Yet”, and though sometimes the lyrics are questionable I do enjoy this overall.   It begins like something out of the 1960’s Beatles catalog and only gets better from there.   It is somewhat dreamy, like Aloha or Pinback, but then brings out the slightest bits of bands like Modest Mouse, Piebald and Fastball.

                One song in particular on Side B sounds a lot like the garage days of Nirvana combined with Belle & Sebastian and that’s just all right with me.   It is distortedly fuzzy and the combination of sounds makes me want to call it Neon Twees.   (See, because it’s kind of like the Neon Trees meets twee… Okay, moving on)

                This is just a solid cassette, but on the last song one of the lines (Which is repeated at that) really got under my skin for some reason, and probably more than it should have.   The line is: “Every year I’m getting older”.   I just want to yell at my stereo, with all the clichés about Sherlock and Captain Obvious.   Because you know what?  We’re all getting older every year- not just you.   But I’m not so certain that needs to be pointed out.   It’s like saying “Every day I need air to breathe”, which might only be appropriate when you’re writing a song about air pollution. 

                But yes, we are all getting older with every passing second (not just year).   Unless you’re Benjamin Button or Joan Rivers.

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