Tuesday, July 22, 2014


                This is the second of the Mot cassettes titled “MOT” and I mean, really, I don’t mind reviewing releases of the same name because I just think back to that Untitled cassette with no way of finding it for those who might want to hear it.   At least this has a link to Bandcamp, right?   Every day, it’s something new with cassettes and I love it.

                As with the other cassette of the same name, this is two songs per side.   The first song- which is Side A- is a long drone version of what I like to call static rubble.   It’s not that Rome is falling as much, as that Rome has already fallen, and this is the sound of someone walking around in the aftermath of it.    I like that notion a lot because far too often it seems we see the destruction but never what comes next.

                Side B, which is also the second song, comes in somewhat similarly at first, but then there are some whirrs and it is hollow.   There are some faint triumphant synth noises, sort of in the background and then it gets louder as it reaches the end.   You know what I called Side A?   Well, Side B would be the rebuilding, the kingdom, if you will, rising again. 

                It doesn’t even have to be as complex as all that, I just happen to like the fall of Rome and it was the first scenario that came into my mind.   This cassette simply demonstrates what comes next when you’re dealing with anything from the biggest disaster to the smallest of problems.   It is, to use an old cliché, the act of getting back up on that horse and riding again.   We all should need such inspiration at some moment in our lives or another. 

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