Tuesday, July 15, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Hiders “Bloom” (Rok Lok Records)

            When I first began listening to “Bloom” by Hiders, I couldn’t help but hear some of my typical comparisons come out, as I’ve been hearing a lot of them lately from different artists.   I’m talking about that singer/songwriter almost folk vibe that I compare with the likes of Ben Kweller, “Walking On a Wire” era Get Up Kids and of course EFS.    However, in listening to this over and over is when you begin to find the little layers underneath that make Hiders so great.

            The music borders on twee, but mostly only because everything I put in this genre tends to have some hints of it.    It isn’t quite pop rock, but one interesting artist that does come out in comparison (and somehow doesn’t seem to enough these days) is Casper and the Cookies, whom I have enjoyed for something like ten years now.

            Even though the first song on Side B has reminders for me of a guitar line out of Sixpence None the Richer, I am still hesitant to think of this as being something that could be on the radio, but there really isn’t a good focal point to compare this with exactly either.    There is a small instrumental interlude as well, which I’ve always enjoyed in between songs and only in nature recalls Kimya Dawson for me.

            Hiders isn’t the type of artist that is all over the place.   The music tends to stay within the same general guidelines of genres.   Yet, it isn’t something that can be so easily pinned down either, as for me to assign it a direct Bandcamp tag or similar artist.   Sometimes you just have to know things are good and especially so on cassette.  

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