Tuesday, July 15, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Love Letter “It Brought Us Something We Had To Know” (Rok Lok Records)

            There are two points that need to be made about this Love Letter cassette and one of them is about another cassette somehow, but I’ll start with this one specifically.    We begin with static melodies and then it becomes ambient.   There are guitar notes on Side A, which remind me of an instrumental version of either Buddy Holly or Elvis Presley, but otherwise this kicks into a fairly solid FNL mode. 

            Even through the flip side there is a sense of ambience to the acoustic guitar strums and just generally relaxing vibe.   It could be minimal, but it is mostly just peaceful and best left described as transient.    It is within this second side though that I begin to think of another cassette I listened to recently, which is odd to me.

            On Side B there is a reading of a piece from a Ray Bradbury novel, and somehow there is also an audio clip from Fahrenheit 451 on the Tween Heat side of that split with Water Bullet.   Also, I somehow noted that Tween Heat sounded like something you would hear on Rok Lok and yet, here we are, Ray Bradbury all around.  

            It should just be chalked up to being a small world and all of that, even though I did listen to this Love Letter cassette first but wrote the review for the Tween Heat split first (Confusing, yes, but I don’t want to give away too much of my process thanks)

            In any event, Love Letter is just such a perfect fit for Rok Lok Records (Hence, if you like Rok Lok and own their previous cassettes, just give them your money for this one as well) that it somehow gets grouped in with another cassette that isn’t even on Rok Lok but I think should be.  

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