Monday, June 9, 2014

CD REVIEW: Mahler Haze “Sweat Saves Blood” (Personal Archives)

                The music of Mahler Haze is very much static drone mixed with synth drone on “Sweat Saves Blood”.   It has this constant sort of idea behind every track, even though they do sound different and you can tell one from the other not just because of the slight dead air in between.

                There is a point early on where the pace picks up a little bit and it sounds like a full band is in play.   This becomes that dark and hollow sort of sound like you might hear on The Crow soundtrack, yet it also drifts a little bit into the jangling of a Jim Carroll poem.

                It is the little nuances that make this album what it is, as you can hear a slight beep here and begin to think 8bit even though it’s really not that much, or just a little crackle there that makes you recall the rustling of leaves and walking through the forest on a fall afternoon.

                For what you think of when you think ambient and the other terms that I said that go along with the general instrumental vibe, you don’t really think of music as having this sort of harmony and it’s almost in a ringing sense that it comes out. 

                I can’t quite fully explain it because it is the musical equal to the skyline changing color as the sun sets, but you can get the idea enough to know that it is not only beautiful but it is magical.    And for everything else that goes on within these songs, it is mostly peaceful at its core and I do so take pleasure in that fact. 

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