Monday, June 9, 2014

CD REVIEW: dreamSTATE vs. Heiki “The North Shore” (Paper + Sound)

                This is a collection of four songs and each song has its own title and theme.    What I’ve always found to be true about ambient music is that it can set not only a mood for you emotionally, but also can develop pictures within your mind.

                When I first opened the CD, before playing it, I noticed that there were four cards that came out, each with a different image on it and a different track assigned to it.    So now not only is everything else going on with this ambient music that can be ever so relaxing and serene, but they’re also providing you images!

                So dreamSTATE is a duo and Heiki is a single electronic artist and they came together for this, so it’s kind of a trio though still a collaboration.    It definitely makes me interested to hear either of these two artists on their own, but what I really want to do is stare at one of these photos while the song for it plays, then  fall asleep and see what my subconscious can come up with. 

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