Monday, June 9, 2014

CD REVIEW: “Let’s (House) Party” v/a (Related Records)

                The first song on this compact disc release is called “Cassette” and it is by Treasure Mammal.  This just makes me wish that much more this was on a cassette rather than CD, but what can you do, right?   At least most (if not all) of these bands have appeared on cassette before.

                The first portion of this CD is studio albums, some of them taken from releases I have already reviewed on cassette even, and then there is a live portion at the end, of songs picked up from here and there.  The bands themselves are familiar to me, as they seem to be within the Related Records (obviously) and Rubber Brother Records family. 

                Treasure Mammal, Fathers Day and Playboy Manbaby make up the bands that I have heard going into this, while Man-cat and Naked Pizza are new to me.   Perhaps if this was hardcore/screamo it would have been just called a five-way split, but it is a whole lot of fun in that punk and hints of ska way.   Reminds me a lot of a compilation I would have heard back in the early ‘00’s with Less Than Jake and Suicide Machines on it. 

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