Thursday, June 26, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Witching Waves / As Ondas “The Covers Tape”

            This is a split cassette of covers, and each band gets four songs per side, though the last song by each band is a cover of the other’s song.   Confused?   I hope not, as it is all laid out on the Bandcamp page for you.

            As Ondas begins this, not that it really matters because it’s just a matter of which way it was rewound.   They have this power garage rock sound that falls someone between Kill Bill, Mystic Spiral and dream punk.  Yeah, if dream punk isn’t a genre yet I’m totally making it one—though it’s only partially what As Ondas is.   

          The last song they do is a cover of a Witching Waves song called “Barber” and it reminds me a lot (At least storywise) of a song by Ghost Wolves, which was once explained to me in the comments section by their singer.    The cover you’ll probably most recognize is “No One Wants An Alien”, originally by The Wipers, and they just flat out rock it.

            Witching Waves takes a somewhat different approach to their covers.   They have that sound of Joan Jetter, Brit Punk and even TSOL, but what’s interesting as well as their choices of songs to cover.   Amongst them is Kanye West, which is someone I know by name and sometimes by song but in this particular instance, no, I’m not familiar with the song they chose to cover.    

          They also do a smashing rendition of “Satisfaction”, which seems like a popular song to cover though I only can think right now of it being covered by Britney Spears on a broad level.   And yeah, if you don’t know the Rolling Stones your amount of help needed is beyond my reach.

            So two rocking bands, rocking covers and now I only want to hear more and more of them, so look for future reviews of them here as I’m going to begin listening to anything and everything I can by them.   

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