Thursday, June 26, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Andre Borgen “Guitar Pieces” (Norweirdian Tapes)

            As the title of this cassette suggests, Andre Borgen delivers “Guitar Pieces” in a primarily acoustic setting on Side A.   The songs are very solemn and somewhat sad even.   They are so intimate that you can hear the guitar pick scrape the strings sometimes.   They can also be rather melodic, and I do like that about them too.

            What I like most about Side A though is that the songs have this sort of understated serious tone to them that you would find in the soundtrack of an indie film.   I’ve been watching primarily indie films and documentaries when I do watch television these days, but there seems to be something along these lines for an almost precise movie this would fit with I just don’t have the name.

            But it’s not even about the name of the movie specifically, as much as it is about the specific scene where these sort of tones would come into play.   It would have to be when one of the supporting characters points out something somewhat obvious to the main character and it’s that sense of realization and revelation that can be heard within these songs.

            Side B takes a bit of a darker turn, as the music seems to have more bass in it.    Despite the doom and gloom, there is still a lingering church sound somehow and then it gets going on its loops.   At one point, you can hear something that is a cross between screaming and singing, but it’s off in the background and that reminds me most of I Like You, Go Home. 

            Though the title would lead you to believe this was very straight forward and simple, it is rather complex, layered and dramatic.  I love that about this though because too much music these days is far too simple and I’m tired of easy and one dimensional.  

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