Thursday, June 26, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Le Scrambled Debutante “Devils in Heavy Syrup” (attenuation circuit)

            Regardless of how you want to describe this music, there is definitely a lot going on within here as my notes on it seemingly become a poem in and of itself.    There are whistling birds and then a pretty guitar comes on only to be manipulated by the tape speeds.   There is an audio clip and then whirrs like that Willy Wonka boat ride.

            The play by play for Side A might be best left to your surprise, though I can tell you that through it all the building leads to a certain level of chaos before the ending and one word being uttered: Satan.   It is that experimental/noise/art type of sound done to perfection and something that all artists (and listeners) need to take note of when trying to describe such a genre.

            Side B takes you on a similar ride, and I do enjoy the phrasing that I used of “industrial strength noise” as I feel it fits this rather well.   This time there is an audio clip that says “I don’t play it for music”, and on some levels that sums this up quite nicely.   At least it does better than anything to do with the devil.  

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