Thursday, June 26, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Nostalgic Home Highways “Astral Plane / Behind the Light” (High School Romance Records)

            This is a cassingle from Nostalgic Home Highways in the strictest sense of the word, as it is one song per side and the title looks more like the split of a record but, you know, I’ll take it because cassettes are still more fun to me than any other form of musical playback. 

            Really, with these two songs though, it comes off more like a song-by-song review than anything else.  Side A is the first and it begins with this dreamy, organ-like synth with high hats and eventually crash cymbals.    The song then gets some new wave/drum machine type lasers before the drumbeat kicks in.     The song really just builds little by little, until right before the end, and then it goes out on just the synth sounds.

            On the flip side, we have a similar yet not exactly the same sounding song, as we get some wavy dream synth with new wave beats to start.  The drum machine kicks in, and it gets into this groove that to me very much sounds like an instrumental version of “Hangin’ Tough” (Yes, that one)  The drum machine loops with some ambient synth tone before we get into an acoustic guitar string sound.

            I might have just been watching too many music documentaries about weird music, but the acoustic guitar notes near the end almost sound like they are from some sort of homemade stringed instrument as opposed to a straight up acoustic guitar, but don’t quote me on that.

            Overall, these are two fun songs somewhere between ambient and new wave, so they can both inspire visions and bring you back to the days when the music business wasn’t based on Facebook “likes”.  

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