Thursday, June 26, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Hurricane Ripped My Jacket “Palace of Cold”

            It’s hard not to be persuaded to hear certain things within the music of an artist with the moniker “Hurricane Ripped My Jacket”.   Obviously though, if all the hurricane did was rip your jacket then you got out pretty lucky.  I’ve lived through hurricanes (I’ve slept through hurricanes) and I tend to find that it’s not the storm that gets you so much as the aftermath.   The storm can last hours, man, but the loss of power can remain for weeks.

            “Palace of Cold” begins with distorted guitar drone, which could be easily seen as the clouds coming in over the horizon.   There is static noise and I’m inclined to call this harsh ambient, whether or not that mixture of genres exists yet.    The wind crashes and the sound begins to shift to the deep and darkness, as we enter the thunder and lightning.

            It does manage to get quieter, as storms do, and then I hear the sound of what to me is best described as a chain chugging along the tracks.   Why I hear this train come up at the end is beyond me because for the most part I’m thinking of storms and now I’m thinking about getting out of dodge.

            Perhaps this isn’t about a storm in the typical sense.  Perhaps it is about the storm within yourself and having to remove yourself from a bad situation.   At the end, taking that train ride could be getting you out of dodge, just not out of New Orleans or something weather-related but rather something psychological or emotional.  

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