Thursday, June 5, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Garbus and Bissette (OSR Tapes)

            My second cassingle from OSR Tapes takes on a bit of a different turn, as it acts more like a split.   This is still a good way to try out new music though, as it just offers up two artists instead of one.   Side A has two songs from Ruth Garbus, whilst Side B has four songs from Danny Bissette. 

            The Ruth Garbus side of this shines so brightly, like the stars burnt out millions of years ago and ever so far away (Okay, my science may or may not be correct on that one)  After hearing her songs on here, I immediately went to her Bandcamp page and downloaded the three releases she has up there set at name your price.  (Those reviews shall be forthcoming)   It’s soft and beautiful folk type of rock that reminds me of the first time I heard Heavy Boots and it’s just sort of magical.

            On the flip side, I almost want to begin a rant about how people say things shouldn’t be labeled as “female vocals” or “male vocals” because it’s sexist, but in many ways, Danny Bissette does have similar qualities to the music of Garbus except that he has male vocals instead of female vocals.   It’s not so much sexist as, umm… a statement of fact.   With his acoustic twee (acoustwee?) can be heard vocals somewhat reminiscent of Bob Dylan, but hey, who doesn’t have a little Dylan in them. 

            So as far as this split cassingle goes, you’re basically being treated to two great artists you may not have heard of before but are definitely encouraged to learn as much as you possibly can about.  

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